Let's Co-Create

We create concepts, build websites, take photos, design logos and ride bicycles.

We're A Creative Agency Based In Sunny Durban

We are a husband and wife creative team specialising in graphic design, web design and photography. Colin is one of Durban's most in-demand photographers and brings 12 years of design and website development experience while Ruth is a life-long artist and has worked as a graphic designer at some of Durban's top advertising agencies. We also have an extended network of freelancers and specialists who we collaborate with.

Modern technology enables us to work worldwide, with clients in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We Make Beautiful Websites For All Devices

And everyone gets a photo shoot

Small Businesses Websites , Online Portfolios and E-commerce Stores

We build custom websites that incorporate expert design and professional photography. While we have previous experience in manually coding websites, our current choice of platform is WordPress due to it's rapid rate of ongoing development as well as it's wide range of plugins and support.

We don't use templates in our website pages, but rather prefer to build each page layout according to the objective of the page. We also offer search engine optimisation (SEO) and will submit your website to Google for indexing.

Over 30 Years Combined Design Experience

In both print and digital media

Print and Digital Artwork

Logos & Corporate Identities

We make your brand look beautiful and professional, from your logo and stationary to your corporate clothing and website.

Press and Social Media Design

We design adverts for press and all social media platforms, either a price-and-product advert or full concept origination.

Point Of Sale, Brochures & Annual Reports

Having freelanced for some of Durbans top advertising agencies, we have extensive experience in designing point-of-sale, sales aids and other printed media.

Professional Commercial Photography and Video

By one of Durban's most in demand photographers

In Studio or On Location

Executive Portraits

We get commissioned to shoot many corporate portraits, everyone from the CEO's down to the factory workers. Images are used in marketing, websites, annual reports and social media. We are able to shoot at the clients offices, often a boardroom is sufficiently big enough. We use professional studio lighting for outstanding quality images.

We're available for head and shoulder portraits, environmental or clean background. They can be done indoor, outdoor or in studio.

Interiors and Architecture

Shooting interiors is one of our favourite subjects, we use a wide angle lens mounted on a tripod and triggered remotely to ensure every image is pin-sharp.

We're available for shoots at hotels, lodges, venues, B&B's, property, factories and warehouses throughout South Africa.

Product Packshots

The first photo Colin took when he bought his first professional camera in 2006 was a pack shot of a paint can, he needed it for a graphic design project he was working on. Since then he's done pack shots on a regular basis.

We use a specially made light tent with studio lighting and advanced techniques to ensure there are no reflections on the objects we're shooting, most pack shots are used for e-commerce websites.

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